Use of enamel matrix- derived proteins combined with bone graft for the treatment of intrabony defects: Overview of reviews (FRISBEE review)


Introduction: The use of enamel matrix-derived proteins (EMD) has increased in recent years due to their tissue-inducing properties that support periodontal regeneration. This study is an overview of systematic reviews with FRISBEE methodology on the use of EMD alone or combined with autologous bone graft materials (BGM) in the treatment of intrabony defects.
Materials and Methods: A systematic search in the Epistemonikos database was performed. RevMan 5.3 and GRADEpro were used for data analysis and presentation
Results: Four systematic reviews and two clinical trials were identified. All studies analysed change in probing depth, clinical attachment level, gingival margin level and bone defect depth (all changes in favour of EMD+BGM groups: mean difference (MD): 0.37 mm more, MD: 0.7 mm more, MD: 0.3 mm less, MD: 0.75 more, respectively).
Conclusions: Adding autologous bone graft to EMD to treat intrabony defects showed better results, but not a relevant clinical difference compared to the use of EMD alone.
Keywords: Dental enamel proteins; Bone transplantation; Autologous transplantation; Alveolar bone loss; Periodontal diseases; Bone regeneration.

Author Biography

Juan Marcos Parise-Vasco, Universidad de Concepción School of Dentistry

Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud Eugenio Espejo. Universidad UTE. Quito, Ecuador. 


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