Are you interested in publishing in the Magazine? Please review the Instructions for Authors.

Rules for submitting a manuscript:
1. Complete manuscript in Word file.
2. Correspondence author data: email.
3. All authors: affiliation/professional address, email and ORCID
4. Contribution of each author of the manuscript.
5. Source of financing.
6. Conflict of interest.
7. Informed consent, if applicable.
8. Approval of the ethics committee, if applicable.
9. High resolution photos as separate files.
10. Cover letter.
11. Acknowledgments.
12. Figures (whether graphs or images) and tables, in a separate Word (excel) file.
13. Vancouver-NLM style references.
14. Use the following guidelines according to the type of study:
- Observational studies (cross-sectional, cohort or case control): STROBE
- Clinical studies: CONSORT
- Systematic reviews: PRISMA
- Protocols: SPIRIT
- Clinical case reports: CARE

All manuscripts should be sent to