1. Editorial Team 

Celia A. Lima. Editor-in-chief.
Sandra Oliva G.
Assistant to the editor
Boris Pradel. 

2. Associate editors

As the journal grows our goal is to give each received manuscript the expert attention it deserves. As such, we have recruited associate area editors who have joined the team at the Journal of Oral Research, who are contributing their expertise in specific areas of dentistry and oral sciences. These editors are members of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Concepción. We have the pleasure to welcome from July 2019 the following associate editors:

Dr. Gabriela Sanchez, Endodontics.

Dr. Paulina Cubillos, Pathology and Oral Cancer.

Dr. Homero Flores, TMJ and pain disorders.

Dr. Raúl Flores, Public Health.

Dr. Michael Wendler, Dental Biomaterials.

Dr. Carmen Oyarce, Orthodontics.

Dr. Francisca Muñoz, Education in Dentistry.

3. Editorial Board

Dr. Rodrigo Mariño. CD, MPH, PhD. [Melbourne Dental School, Oral Health CRC. University of Melbourne.  Melbourne, Australia].

Dr. Sigmar de Mello Rode. DDS, MSc, PhD. [Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia - Curso Odontologia - São José dos Campos/UNESP. Ex-Presidente da Associação Brasileira de Editores Científicos - ABEC Brasil].

Dr. Juan José Segura-Egea. MD, DDS, MSc, PhD. [Catedrático de Patología y Terapéutica Dentales, Facultad de Odontología, Dpto. de Estomatología, Universidad de Sevilla, España].

Dr. José de la Macorra. DDS, PhD. [Decano, Facultad de Odontología, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España].

Dr. Hugo de Bruyn. DDS., MSc., PhD. [Chairman Educational Comitee.  Chairman dep. Periodontology and Oral Implantology. Director Postgraduate Course Oral Implantology. Dental School University Hospital. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences University of Ghent, Gent Belgium].

Dr. Rodrigo Giacaman. DDS, PhD. [Cariology Unit and Gerodontology. Research Group (GIOG), Department of Oral Rehabilitation and Interdisciplinary Excellence. Research Program on Healthy Aging (PIEI-ES), University of Talca, Talca, Chile]. 

Dr. Carlos Manterola. MD, PhD. [Profesor Titular. Depto de Cirugía y Traumatología. Director Programas de Magíster y Doctorado en Cs. Médicas. Universidad de La Frontera, Temuco, Chile].  

 Dr. Daniël W.Wismeijer. DDS, PhD. [Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherland.  Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands].

Dr. Matheus Pithon. DDS, MSc, PhD. [Professor of Orthodontics, Southwest Bahia State University - UESB. Permanent Professor pos-graduate program Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ.  Diplomate of the Brazilian Board of Orthodontics – BBO.  Master and PhD in Orthodontics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ.  Specialist in Orthodontics, University of Alfenas – Unifal, Brasil]. 

Dr. Marco Hungaro. DDS, MSc, PhD. [Professor of Endodontics. Departament of Dentistry, Endodontics and Dentistry Material. Bauru Dental School, Universidade de São Paulo, Bauru, SP, Brazil].

Dr. Alessandro Loguércio. DDS, MSc, PhD. [Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa. Ponta Grossa, PR - Brasil].

Dr. Alessandro Leite Cavalcanti. DDS, MSc, PhD. [Department of Dental Materials and Prosthesis, São Paulo State University - UNESP, Brazil].

Dr. Zohaib Khurshid. BDS, MRes, MFGDP (UK), FPFA (USA). [College of Dentistry King Faisal University, KSA].

Dr. Blanca Regina Urzúa Orellana.  BS. Ed, PhD.  [Associate Professor, Biochemistry Area. Institute for Research in Dental Sciences (ICOD). Faculty of Dentistry, University of Chile].

 Dr. Luca Testarelli. DDS, PhD. [Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy].