Spectrophotometric evaluation of coronal discoloration induced by bioceramic root canal filling materials.


The aim of this study is to evaluate the crown discoloration induced by bioceramic root canal filling materials (OrthoMTA and iRoot SP) compared to AH Plus. Material and Methods: Sixty intact mandibular single rooted premolars were sectioned 2 mm below the cemento-enamel junction, prepared, and randomly assigned into four groups according to the root filling materials: OrthoMTA, iRoot SP, AH Plus and unfilled.Results: Before placement of the materials in the pulp chamber and the coronal third of the root, the spectral reflectance lines of the crowns were recorded by a digital spectrophotometer at baseline, and after filling at 1 week and 1, 3 and 6 months and ∆Ε values were calculated. All materials used induced clinically perceptible crown discoloration (ΔΕ>3.7) and no significant difference was detected between these materials (p>0.05). Regardless of the material, discoloration progressed significantly within the three months (p<0.05) however, at 6months, the discoloration reduced for AH Plus and no further increase for bioceramic materials was detected. Conclusion: Bioceramic root filling materials tested induced clinically perceptible crown discoloration and their application in the esthetic zone should be performed with caution.


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