Special care for oral tissue samples after biopsy: Proper storage and transport — A comparative Study

  • Amjad Azizzadeh Faculty of Dentistry, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Sanandaj, Iran
  • Massoumeh Zargaran Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Faculty of Dentistry, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Sanandaj, Iran
  • Varisheh Rastin Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Faculty of Dentistry, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Sanandaj, Iran
  • Bijan Nouri Social Determinants of Health Research Center, Research Institute for Health Development, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Sanandaj, Iran


Objective: Biopsy is the gold standard for the diagnosis of oral lesions. Correct management and care of biopsy at all steps (before, during and after obtaining a biopsy) is highly important to provide proper tissue samples for microscopic assessment by pathologists. This study aimed to assess and compare the knowledge of dental students (DSs) and general dentists (GDs) on post-oral biopsy instructions. Material and Methods: A questionnaire including two parts was used: 1) Demographic data and self-evaluation of biopsy knowledge by the participants and 2) 11 items about the correct oral biopsy storage and transport to a histopathology laboratory. The data collected from the questionnaires were analyzed by STATA. Results: 48 GDs and 131 DSs participated in this study. The knowledge score of the DSs (5.43±2.01) was significantly lower than GDs (8.33±1.78) (p<0.05). Moreover, there was no significant relationship between GDs' knowledge and their working experience, age, gender and the university they graduated from. However, there was a significant relationship between DSs' school year and their knowledge. Conclusion: The findings showed that the knowledge of DSs was lower than GDs. Since, these students will care for the oral and dental health of the community in the future, upgrading their training (by improving the quantity and quality of theoretical and practical training) is necessary to both understand the different aspects of biopsy, and to be familiar enough with proper oral biopsy storage and transport processes.


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