December, 2018


Acknowledgments 2018 PDF
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Correlation between self-perception of need for orthodontic treatment in pregnant women and the perception of oral health professionals. PDF
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Bone healing of dental alveoli in smokers with platelet-rich plasma obtained using single or double centrifugation. PDF
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Comparative study of root resorption between two methods for accelerated orthodontic tooth movement PDF
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Knowledge, attitudes, practices and oral health status in adolescents of the city of Córdoba, Argentina. PDF
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Comparison of Ostene® and Bone wax on Bone Healing: A Comparative experimental study in rabbits. PDF
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Oral Pemphigus treated with minipulse therapy. PDF
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Bilateral hyperplasia of the coronoid process. Clinical case report with unusual presentation and literary review. PDF
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Diagnosis, treatment planning and root canal of a lower first premolar with two canals using 3D computed tomography: Case Report. PDF
Gonzalo Vásquez, Gilda Corsini, Víctor Beltrán 378-382

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