Quality of life during pregnancy and its influence on oral health: a systematic review.

María José Aguilar Cordero, Ximena Alejandra Leon-Rios, Tania Rivero-Blanco, Raquel Rodriguez-Blanque, Manuela Expósito-Ruiz, Jose Antonio Gil-Montoya


Abstract: Objective: To perform a systematic review of scientific literature on the impact of oral health on the quality of life of pregnant women. Methods: A systematic search following PRISMA guidelines was carried out and 16 specific articles/studies on the subject were selected. Results: Pregnant women's quality of life (QoL) is related to age, number of pregnancies, pain, difficulty eating and presence of dental caries. Quality of life was directly related to oral health. Conclusions: It was found that most studies associating QoL and oral health during pregnancy were cross-sectional and observational; therefore, for a better understanding of these impacts, performing longitudinal studies from the beginning of pregnancy until postpartum is necessary. The need for preventive oral health counseling and dental care assistance during pregnancy is highlighted.


pregnancy; quality of life; oral health; dental caries; periodontal disease.


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