• Manuscript Reception June 2020

    Dear author, Due to the large volume of manuscripts that the Journal of Oral Research has currently under review, we are unable to accept new manuscripts for consideration from April 1, 2020. We will focus on publishing the articles we currently have scheduled we hope to accept new manuscripts from June 1st, 2020.We thank you for your continued support and for considering the Journal of Oral Research as a means of dissemination for your scientific publications. We hope in this way to strengthen our publishing services to serve you more efficiently in the near future, shortening the revision and publication times of the manuscripts. Hope you stay safe and healthy.   Best regards,  Celia A. Lima, PhD Editor-in-Chief Journal of Oral Research Read more about Manuscript Reception June 2020
  • New rules 2020

      To ensure diversity in authorship, authors will be limited to having three manuscripts under revision at any time either as corresponding or co-authors. As such they should wait for the review process of at least one of these manuscripts to be completed before submitting another manuscript for consideration. Furthermore, authors can only publish one paper every two issues, albeit as corresponding or co-author, in order to ensure and maintain diversity in authorship. Articles submitted in Spanish, should they be accepted for publication, will be subjected to a translation fee to help defer translation costs (flat fee $100.000 clp or $135 USD). We will still receive articles in spanish and conduct the peer review process in this language as before for authors who prefer it. We will also maintain our policy of not charging any submission, handling or processing fees for publication, in our belief that financial constraints should not be a limitation for the dissemination of scientific information. Read more about New rules 2020